The best Target beach tents of 2021

Supermarket chain founded in the US and well established in many sectors , including their beach tents, which stand out for their disparity in design, performance and prices . As its name suggests, Target is one of those nicknamed curious stores

It is presented as ”El Objetivo” ,(said like this in Spanish), and taking into account that it presents a form target with that white and red that contrasts the view, we can only tell you one thing: This section is the easiest way to launch that target punch (your gaze) towards your beach tent (the target logo)…

…The objective of beach tent nº1 that they intend based on your requirements of the store itself or the current budget you have. Take a look at the catalog of beach tents from Target most updated , better segmented and more varied in the current online scene . To meet your target : protect yourself from the sun ☀️!

List of the Best Offers beach shade tents at Target today

What models of beach umbrella tents do we have for sale at Target today?

Depending on the shape it has, how its structure is made, how many people can fit in it and what type of target audience it is intended for, we can classify the different types of beach tents that are for sale at Target. These are the most popular models based on the following criteria:

Beach Tent Canopy with 4 Pole Attachment at Target

The most spectacular in terms of dimensions of the entire segment. It comes with 4 supporting bars , thanks to the fact that each one has a bag to add sand, a material with which under no circumstances will the beach tent fall apart. The cover fabric has UPF50 protection against ultraviolet rays a. Pay attention to the dimensions you have: 300cm long, 274cm wide and just over 200cm deep . You can put the roof on a totally straight or sloping way, so that you protect yourself from the sun well into the afternoon. Its poles are made of alloy, robust enough to withstand heavy blizzards. The same with its fabric, which is made of polyester and very resistant to hailstorms and heavy rains

It has a kind of briefcase incorporated so that you can transport it from one place to another without problems . Little more than 3kg is what you will have to carry, which is nothing if you carry that briefcase flush with your back, something that, in fact, you can do. You can use only two poles to hold it, and the other half of the beach wind shelter, anchor it to a partition or area that borders the entrance to the beach. This model can be behind it up to 6-7 adults and up to ten people, if you go 5 adults and 5 teenagers . It’s the loosest in space of the entire Target beach tent segment. It is also one of the most expensive, with a price of almost 100 dollars. If you have the target of several people going to the beach and your budget is loose, this is the model you have to choose

Beach tent portable with automatic pop-up opening at Target

There are two things that in this model that we do not have the previous one: the first is its negative side, which happens to have a more restrained space . The second, the positive, is that its way of mounting it is much easier and instantaneous , than the previously discussed green beach tent canopy from Target. It has the most disruptive folding system on the market , like its shape, which is presented in the shape of a semi-circle, enough space for a family to be in it comfortably. It has two windows on both sides, half its height . The dimensions of the tents are presented in 87 inches high, 63 inches wide and 46.5 inches deep. If you don’t know how much this is in cm , go from inches to cm easily (click on the link)

Transporting it is the most comfortable thing in the world, since its weight does not reach a kilo and a half . Not because it is lighter in structure, do you lose details such as protection against solar rays, which is still +50. It protects from the wind in an almost multi-directional sense , unlike the previous model that only protects in a unidirectional way. It has 8 stakes added to the pack , on the one hand the watertight ones in charge of supporting the ropes and the bags in charge of not taking it away on the worst windy days. 2 adults and 3 -4 people, if you attend two adults and two children, it is the space that you have available in this store . Its structure will guarantee that its use lasts for years, since it is a great horrifying against oxidation. If you were looking for a most sophisticated pop-up beach tent from , this is the model you have to choose

Beach tent in the shape of a tent at Target

Its finish is very similar to the model we have just discussed, but with a but, a nice but: this does protect against the wind in a multi-directional sense , since it has its own entry in the front . A few people are going to be able to take refuge inside it! This shelter will not be a problem thanks to the large ventilation system that it has around its structure. It has a small window on the left hand side to favor ventilation . It also folds to pop-up , which will have it assembled in just a few seconds. Its dimensions are approximately 122cm high and long, and 92cm deep . As you can guess, its dimensions are somewhat more restrained

This is because this is a beach tent with target of kids , that is, it is specially designed for the little ones at home. Even so, if you go two adults and a single child, you will enter perfectly . On the other hand, if one of the two adults is tall, you will still have a problem . Do not worry, with the consumer policy that you have in, if for whatever reason you buy and you see that you two (the adults) do not enter, you will not lose your money. The downside is that it has less protection, located at UPF +30, but enough to protect children from the sun . Its weight is even lower, exceeding just over 1kg . It also has its own transport bag to carry it, either as a briefcase in your hand, or as a backpack on your back. If you have several small children or you wanted a totally hermetic target beach tent model , this is the one you have to buy

Why buy beach tents canopies at Target?

The target is close, very close … to get your beach tent with the Target seal at your best price!. The inventory of Target beach tents that you have available on our online site is the most varied in prices in the entire market: prototypes of beach tents at cheap prices and prototypes of beach tents at higher and more expensive prices . You want the cheapest pop-up style beach tent or the exclusive canopy beach tent, you can get it from

You have two types of purchase in, varying one and the other in the shipping delay: the first of them is the instant subscription, in which entering the postal address where you live and, later, using the Visa, Mastercard or American Express bank card, you will have your purchase made , waiting for the dealer to deliver it to you in 48/72 hours, subject to a small shipping cost, or more than 72 hours, with free shipping cost

The other way to buy is to pick up your beach tent at the physical Target location closest to your home . The procedure consists in that, depending on the beach tent you want, during the purchase phase, on one of the sides you will see a display that says ” You are buying in x ” (x is the place where you live). As it can be fairly difficult to find this for some user, we give you an easier alternative:

Open from the browser or from your own app google maps. Then write ”Target USA” or ”Target TEXAS” (if you live in the state of Texas). Automatically, you will know which store you should go to to take the shortest possible time and use as little gas as possible. Finally, tell you that you have a 90-day money-back guarantee policy, during which time you can return your beach tent and get the money back. More information about this, contact us