The best Argos beach tents of 2021

A curved line and below his name, Argos. This is how the logo of this online store so reputed in the US comes, with a background contrasted in red, and you will think: What the hell are you doing telling me this? Because that is how their beach tents are, striking and eye-catching

Few are in stock, but enough to satisfy different types of audiences. We tell you about the curved line because it makes perfect sense too. Their models are with curved ceilings and are not presented in a conventional and very classic look, like other online beach tent stores in the same sector

We are going to put poetry aside and, now, we are going to give you what you have been looking for so much since memorial times: your particular beach tent with the Argos seal in 3…, 2…, 1…, get set and … ACTION 🎬! Take a movie selfie in your tent 🤳

List of the Best beach shade tent Offers in Argos today

What beach umbrella tent models do we currently have for sale at Argos?

According to the number of people that may be in it, the materials it is made of, its dimensions and what type of structure it has, we can classify the different types of beach tents that are for sale in Argos. These are the most prominent models in the catalog:

Beach tent canopy with thick poles in Argos

This model is supported both by the poles that are fixed to the ground and the strings that are supported with nails in areas of sand or earth , because yes, this model is suitable for use not only on the beach, but also on land such as gardens. It has 4 canopies embedded throughout the structure to protect itself from the wind in a 360 degree radius , something that you cannot do with the igloo-shaped beach tents sold at Argos. Despite its loose dimensions, its weight when folded is close to 10kg , an ideal weight to carry it on your back comfortably. It has two windows to favor ventilation when it is totally hermetic . Its dimensions are 220cm high and 350cm wide and deep

The pegs and cords ordered for their fastening are included in the pack . This model is intended for people who are going to go to the beach in a group and intend to do activities such as reading, watching a movie, taking a nap in a hammock or a feast . Your space can hold up to a total of 5 adults , if you want to be comfortable. Can there be more adults? Yes, but it is less advisable since you will be tighter. If you want to be more than 5 people, it can be, for example, two adults and 4 or 5 children, two of them under 7 years old and another 3 not over 12 years old . This is an example so that you understand how the minimum recommended space can be met. As an additional detail, the fabric of this Argos beach shelter has UPF +50 protection , promoting the health of your complexion. If you were looking for one of the most TOP beach tent models in features from the Argos catalog , this is the one you have to choose

Half tent for beach with pop-up fold in Argos

We lowered in dimensions , as the main disadvantage compared to the first model discussed. The Argos beach tent in the shape of a semi igloo, is highly sought after by users for its portability, for how pleasant it is to transport it for people of any age and because it does not lose quality, contextualizing it with the price at which it is available . Inexpensive, yes, but without sacrificing high-end details such as +50 UV protection. It has a small window at the bottom to moderately favor ventilation . This is small because its structure does not allow it to be totally hermetic, so it only protects from the wind in a 180 degree radius , that is, more in a unidirectional than multidirectional direction

Its fabric is made of polyester, one of the lightest and most sophisticated you can find. It is resistant to blizzards and heavy rains . Its dimensions are one of the most restrained in the segment, with 120cm in height and width. The posts and support ropes are still included. How many people can fit in this tent? Its capacity is for 2-3 people. If you are two people, it can be both adults and children. If you are adults, make sure your companion is not too tall, otherwise he will be somewhat uncomfortable . It has the most instant and easy folding in the world: an opening branded with the nickname of ” easy beach tent ” or ” pop-up beach tent ”. In just a few seconds, you will have it mounted, and all this extracted from its circle briefcase. The weight of its briefcase is barely one and a half kilograms. If you were looking for an affordable Argos beach tent or have a low budget , this is the model you have to choose

Beach tent canopy with thin poles in Argos

This prototype is similar to the first one that we have discussed in this section, with the but, nice but, on the one hand, that s u portability is better, it is easier to carry around . And, on the other hand, it does not have canopies to achieve a total protection of 360 degrees against the wind. Therefore, this model, unlike the other, is intended to be used on days when the blizzard is not too heavy. It has a window for ventilation and the posts that have been added to hold them are made of steel, which makes you one of the most robust supports on the market. Of course, the pegs and tie ropes could not be missing. Its dimensions are 218cm high and 300cm wide and high. Its price rises more than 200 dollars , slightly more expensive than the first model, why? Because its size is somewhat larger

It can accommodate a total of 6-7 people, not all adults, divided between 3-4 adults and 2-3 children. This model, like the first, is prepared for you to have a more investing experience and you can do many under it, as if it were your own home. Its fabric is waterproof, which hard to retain the days with the most adverse rains. It is one of the most popular models in the catalog because its folding is automatic (this also happens with the first model discussed). Its weight is somewhat looser, rising a little above 10kg . The size of its pasta is slightly smaller, which makes it more pleasant to be located in areas with more restrained spaces , unlike the first beach awning that we discussed, which gives you fewer options when it comes to place it in any area. If you were looking for the Argos beach tent looser in space, this is the model you have to choose

Why buy beach tents at Argos?

With Argos you will ” Arder ” (burn in Spanish) with emotion, the payment method you have, which will allow you to pay … Wait! First you have to know that the inventory of Argos beach tents that you have available on our online site is the most varied, not only in products and prices, as you have just seen, but also in terms of purchase . You can buy both Argos beach tents at cheap prices, and Argos beach tents at higher prices, intended for the most demanding users, the most demanding

The way to pay for your beach tent at Argos is presented in three different ways: the first one is the instant purchase, on the spot. By entering the bank details of your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal card, and on the other hand, your residence details, in 24/48 hours you can receive your beach windbreaker from Argos, with less than $5 shipping cost. Shipping may take longer depending on which warehouse it leaves from and where you are located, the distance between one and the other

The second way is through the payment in financing or monthly payment. For 6 months , you will have the possibility of getting that higher class beach tent, paying a small amount of money every month , and thus, save yourself that big economic pinch that involves spending hundreds dollars at a stroke. If you want fewer months, you can also choose 3, raising the price you have to pay at the end of the month more, but paying less interest for it . If you want to know more about this form of payment, contact us

The third is to check its availability in a physical Argos US store and, later, proceed to pick it up at the closest store closest to where you live. To find out in an instant, please do the following: Open google maps (by clicking on the link) and write ” Argos UK ”. Do all this with location services activated. In a moment, it will calculate the exact distance between where you are now and that physical location you have to go to. Hey! You have a 365-day guarantee on the Argos beach tents that you have here for sale