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For some of our dear clients, summer is just beginning ☀️, for others they will enjoy summer several times a year with a flight ✈️ to a tropical destination 🏝 and others will be used to being hot 🥵 all year round. Whatever you are, we suggest something: Learn to build from scratch and on the beach itself, wherever you are, where you are going to go or where you are used to going, your particular beach tent!

☀️ If you are one of those who enjoy it once a year, the heat is welcome to do everything you didn’t want to do when it was cold, are we wrong?

✈️🏖 If you are one of those who often undertake flights to tropical destinations, you are an adventurer or adventurer by nature and what better way than to go into that adventure making your own craft with one of the essentials in any warm place

🥵 And if you are one of those who lives the suffocating heat firsthand, you are the one who is most exposed to burning, and therefore, the one most in need when making this craft, well what better way to protect yourself from the sun with that gadget that you made with your own hands

👉🏻 Discover how to make your own homemade beach tent in a few steps!

What models of beach tents do we have for sale in the current online market?

According to the aspect that it presents, what type of folding it presents, the target audience that is intended and what types of accessories it has in the purchase pack, we can classify the different types of beach tents that are for sale today. Do you want to know everything that this tent offers you in its maximum splendor? Then keep reading below!

Beach tents according to how it looks

Take one form or another that beach tent, not only will it vary in the arrangement it has, but also in its size. That is why we have classified this section based on the peculiar finish it has and, therefore, the space it occupies, making it a more or less portable beach tent, and more or less foldable, among other things. What type of client is each of them intended for? Here we tell you:

Small beach tents or half tents for beach

This model looks a lot like the beach tent in a tent size, why? Due to its size, it is apparently prioritized by the small one, but both are small and medium-sized by following: the average beach shade tent stands out, first, for not having an airtight structure . As the name suggests, is split in half, and only protects from the wind in a 180 degree direction. Some may have several windows, others only one window and others may not have them . It is the least amount of people can be under it, located between 2-3 people maximum . These models are also referred to as semi-igloo-shaped beach tents. They tend to have dimensions below 1.5 medium depth, keeping between 1.5 and 2.5m in height and equal in width

Beach umbrella stores stand out for having an opening labeled as emergent or easy, like one of the models that we will see in this section, and another that does not, given its size. It is intended for those people who go primarily with another person and do not go to carry out daily activities inside it , unless they are the typical ones such as sitting down, looking at the smartphone, talking and taking a nap. The thing of having a feast or putting the hammock, you will be giving the wind and the sun in the middle of the body. Its shape can come in the shape of an igloo and also in a semi-round shape , without varying the number of people that can be inside. If you want the most portable beach tent on the market , this is the model you have to choose

Igloo-shaped beach tents or family beach tents

Igloo-shaped beach shade tents stand out for having the same form of cladding, a more accentuated one, with all four sides in a sloping shape and another covered one that is presented in a circular shape . Two things are what differentiate this model from the rest: it has a totally hermetic structure and has its own zippered door . The other models, the canopy beach shade tent and in the shape of a semi-tent, protect against blizzards in a unidirectional sense, while this model that we are now talking about protects in a multi-directional sense. , that is, within a radius of 360 degrees . That is why it has the label of ” familiar ”. It is designed so that inside it are two adults of standard size and two children

This will allow two adults and two adolescents 12-13 years old to overflow inside it. These models are the ones that prioritize protection against the sun’s rays, placed in protection of +50, +60 or +80 . This is very important, since in babies and children the skin is more sensitive to the sun’s rays and yes or yes it has to have a high protection . Otherwise, it could lead to unwanted skin conditions. The door opens or closes with a single zip and these beach tents do have at least one window. It fits about 4-6 people depending on the size and how big or small you are . It is still very portable and has measurements with a somewhat looser depth, of at least 160cm (the smallest family beach tent) pulling towards the largest family beach tents. If you are going to go to the beach with your partner and a child or pet , this is the model you have to choose

Large beach tents or beach tents canopies

Named by the team as the largest beach tents in the entire segment . Its shape can come in thicker, less thick antlers, differing, on the one hand, awnings for beach tents with total insulation and partial insulation . This is what we mean when they can be closed completely or only semi-completely. Some models, their cover is supported, on the one hand, by the stakes and, on the other hand, by the bags of sand that are left on the ground. While in other models, the entire structure is supported by the stakes , as if it were a garden awning. The latter, some of the models, can be completely closed. The previous commented no. They differ from the rest by the size they present, which has a minimum width and depth of 3 meters, and from there onwards

Of course, this has a considerable impact on how easy it is to be transported from one place to another and to be assembled or disassembled. The awnings for beach tents are the ones with the least portability on the market and do not have a pop-up or easy-style opening, which means that a minimum of two people are needed to mount it to lighten the process, and also to transport it, since its weight can start at a minimum amount of 10kg . They can be dyed in different shades such as green, pink, blue, yellow, red, turquoise, etc. P ensado for those who plan to celebrate a birthday or a bachelor party on the beach , or if you are the typical crew that wants to make a bottle in a different place. In it a minimum of 8-10 people can fit and in this it is í that you can do more daily activities , beyond sitting or taking a seat. You can, for example, eat. If you want the loosest beach shade tent on the market in size , this is the model you have to choose

Beach tents according to the fold or the way it opens

It is a very repeated search by many of the users who visit us every day, beach shadow shops that can have a pop-up or automatic folding system, or static and manual . For what type of folding is intended some models or others, you have it really easy. We are going to tell you about it and we will also tell you what advantages and disadvantages having this type of opening gives you

Beach tents with manual folding

This type of opening is intended for canopy beach shelters, those that have the loosest dimensions on the market and are the most tedious to transport . Generally, in the pack of awnings for beach tents there is an instruction manual to know how to build and shape it from scratch. This means that its opening cannot be exercised instantly, which is the case with the model that you will see below. They are the heaviest but also what they offer you the most space and guarantee you to have a mini-house in the middle of the beach . With the beach shelters in the form of a semi-igloo or in a complete igloo, you are going to be much tighter and in certain situations of the day you may feel somewhat uncomfortable. Although as we always tell you, it depends on the size it is

This model, having a construction purely by hand, does not have as many stakes and sandbags . Having a more spacious size and, therefore, more abrupt in weight , makes it less easy for it to be carried by the wind , something than with the other models yes or yes you need because some of them have very light weights. Of course, it has steel bars much heavier than those we see in the models in the most versatile beach tents . This is one of the reasons why its transport is more thoughtful. It is designed if you are going to go by car or if you are going to walk so as not to tire. Therefore, if you have the beach very close to where you live or prioritize size over anything else , this is the beach shelter you have to buy

Pop-up or easy fold beach tents

Also known as instant beach tents, these models differ from the rest by how easy it is to assemble or disassemble, without needing the help of anyone, no need an extra instruction manual, and because of how light it is to transport from one place to another , even if you go alone to the beach. The way it unfolds is very curious: you open the cover, which has its own zipper . Automatically, as if it were an inflatable mat, the beach tent will begin to adopt, to a lesser extent, the shape it has. We say to a lesser extent, because yes or yes you will have to intervene to give it the final shape . Its fabric, being super elastic and flexible, as well as its structures, which are also elastic bars responsible for shaping them, allows it to have this peculiar way of mounting

This is very nice, but you have to know that being lighter is also more conducive to being carried by the wind, to hold less if a Intense hailstorm catches you unexpectedly or that you cannot have so many people appearing below it . In the beach shade tents they do have sandbags, a minimum of 4 , to support them along their ends and ensure 100% that it cannot be carried as a result of a intense blizzard. Unlike the previous model, if you are going to walk to the beach and you live far from it, you plan to go to the beach alone or at most with another person, or you do not plan to spend a long time on the beach , pop-up or instant beach shelters is the model you have to choose

Beach tents according to the target audience that is intended

Depending on the size it presents in terms of length, width and depth, we can discern if that beach sun tent is intended for an older or younger audience . The answer to this is very obvious, at younger ages, the child is smaller or smaller in size and, therefore, less space is needed. Contrary to older ages, where the man or woman is 100% developed and more space is needed. Depending on the age group that you are going to prioritize in the beach tent, we find three types of beach shelters:

Beach tents for adults

These beach tents are intended for the age group, in men, from +18 forward, and in women, from +15 forward , dates when the male and female human body are fully developed. They stand out from the rest for their size, the larger this section . One way to know that you are in front of a beach shelter for adults is that it has a depth of at least 150cm, and a width of at least 200cm , from then on. Another way to know that you are in front of an adult beach shade tent, is its weight, between 5 and 8 pounds . Go from pounds to kilograms by clicking the link. Your protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays are set between +30 and +50 . Another peculiar way to find out is if this model has a purely manual assembly, that is, it is a player shelter with canopies

That it is for an adult audience, does not mean that there cannot be adolescents or children, it only responds to a minimum need for space for that adult audience to be very comfortable inside her and not tight from each other . They are the most sophisticated on the market, in terms of performance, and the ones with the greatest variety of prices. Beach umbrella tents for adults are the ones that sell the most stores in their catalog and that the largest number of manufacturers join in their manufacture , such as Pacific Breeze, Bunnings, Asda, etc. . They are more in demand because both children and adults can be in it , contrary to what you will see in the other models, which are strictly aimed at a young audience. If you are looking for a model that meets the minimum benefits and can be inside it both elderly and small people , this section of beach tents is the one you have to prioritize

Beach tents for kids or infant beach tents

The design of these beach tents does not vary, it maintains the shapes of semi-beach tents or beach tents with a semicircle roof. What does change with respect to his brothers, are the dimensions of it. They become a maximum width of 150cm downwards, the same with the deep one, which becomes a maximum of 150cm, and from there downwards . The reduction of its size and you will intuit why it is. As it is intended as a “kid”, this beach shade tent is designed so that only children between the ages of 6-12 can shelter from the sun . All of them have at least one window, which in children is more necessary if possible, and also a fabric that has a protection against the sun of at least +50, very necessary. You’ve heard of UV rays , right? As we get older, it is very important that you know this

We will tell you about it below. For the rest that you know that the beach umbrella stores for children have sandbags, because since children weigh less than adults, it is more important that they have additional added weight so that some part of the tent cannot be blown up . These beach tents, along with the baby ones, are the models with the most portability on the market. Its foldability is pop-up style, easy, instant, and its weight, once assembled, exceeds just over one kilogram . This model is designed for those who want to do a two-for-one on the beach , that is, on the one hand take the beach tent for adults and, on the other hand, the baby tent.If you want children to have their own shelter because you already have yours , this section is for you

Beach tents for baby

Dimensions that go down even more but a design that remains. This is how the beach shade tents for babies are presented , which present a particularity that no other beach tent in the segment has , in addition to another one that we already discussed above, that of solar irradiation. For a beach tent to be cataloged for a baby public, its dimensions must start below 150cm in width and depth, have an airtight structure, with its own zippered door so that it can be opened and closed, and a protection of minimum +50 . In it you can house two babies, in case you have twin babies. Its structure is hermetic because the sand, moved by the force of the wind, can hit the baby’s eye while playing, passing by yourself or your companion, a bad drink …

The same with protection, where it has been shown that many of the skin problems in older ages, start because a strict protocol of protection against the sun was not followed in younger ages . These models try to put an end to this, accompanied by you protecting them with a good sunscreen and doing it for several moments a day. The beach umbrella stores for babies also have a great ventilation system, essential for that child or baby to feel at home. Did you know that they have a small pool? Yes, as you read. For the baby to be entertained, it has its own pool installed where it can play with the sand, with you, or the toys that you have brought. To create this mini-pool, you need to previously make a hole about 10cm high, 30cm wide and 20cm deep , approximately. The opening of the baby beach tents is instant, pop-up style. If you are going to go to the beach with a baby or several babies , this section is the one you have to choose

Beach tents according to the accessories added to the pack

This repertoire of accessories achieves three things: a secure hold and supreme comfort to be driven from one place to another, never better said. These accessories, included in all the beach tent purchase packs that you have available in the market, can come in different sizes or in greater or lesser quantities. Let’s go with it:

Beach tents with sand bags

Sandbags for beach shade tents are made up of a look similar to a rope backpack. If you have in mind how is this backpack? Click on the link if you can’t think of anything, you will see many examples of it. Its structure comes like this because what is first intended is that there is a large amount of sand inside and that it does not collapse even if we change it . A lot of sand allows you to enter, because the more you have, the safer your beach tent or canopy beach tent will be , whatever the age for which it is intended or the shape it presents. The more kilos the beach tent weighs, the more you will need sandbags . By having his own cords, heYou can tie so that the sand does not come out of the bag , in case you put it in another place and for whatever reason you trip, preventing the sand from falling to the ground

This is important because, how many times has it happened that that sand gives us some fear to pick it up because of how hot it is? It has been shown that the sand, touching it too many times, can partially burn the hands . That is why it is one of the reasons why it includes the tie. The sizes of these beach tent sand bags can be larger or smaller. Awnings for beach tents have the largest bags , while beach tents for babies have the smallest bags . Be careful, it does not change much in size, in beach windbreaks for adults it has standard measurements of 30cm long and 20cm wide. In the beach windbreaker for children and babies, 20cm long and 15cm wide . You can also make your sandbags for beach tents in a homemade way, with the plastic shopping bags. If that day that you are going to go to the beach you know that it is going to have a very strong blizzard , this accessory yes or yes you have to have it

Beach tents with holding stakes

This complement matches perfectly with the bags, why? In addition to combining, we can use another name, the reinforcement, because yes, these stakes are intended to make a more minimalist grip, less striking to the eye, exempting you from including some bags . This, or also so that once you anchor the stakes to the ground, the cords that protrude from the ends of the beach tent, place bags of sand on top of them so that this grip is as strong as “La Muralla China” … No, we won’t be able to get to that much, unfortunately 😜, haha. These stakes, depending on whether we are in front of models aimed at an older or younger audience, can vary in size . Stakes in adult beach tents,They are presented with a length of approximately 20-30cm , similar to the stakes that we find in beach umbrellas

While the stakes in the beach tents for children and babies, are presented in somewhat more restrained dimensions, about 15-20cm approximately . In any case, these stakes may or may not be added, since in none of the child-oriented models are they exempt from a sandbag, therefore the addition of clubs in these models is not essential. Its tip is moderately sharp to favor penetration, and it has a handle adapted to place both hands and make circular movements in or out , depending on whether you want to anchor or un-anchor the stake from the sand. They come in a separate small bag and fit perfectly in the case beach tent.If you want your beach tent to have the greatest possible fastening security , prioritize having this accessory included in the pack

Beach tents with suitcase to transport

The different aspects that the beach shadow shops briefcases can present can be mainly three: in the shape of a tower, in square shapes and in round shapes . The latter is the one that is repeated the most. All of them have the characteristics of having a zipper so that it does not fold automatically, if it has a pop-up style opening. Its material is waterproof, that is, it retains water and does not allow it to get wet , preventing bad odors from appearing later in the covers, something that we see, for example, when we dry ourselves with a towel, we do not let it dry, and after a few hours, that smells like dead fish. The last characteristic is that they have their own handle in a greater or lesser number of them:it can have one right in the center of the top or on both sides to be carried as a backpack

The transport covers for the beach tents in semi-igloo shapes and for the beach tents are presented in round shapes . While the briefcases for the largest beach tents on the market, the canopy beach tents, have their very elongated shape, responding to the high measurements they present and have a small string adapted so that it can be embedded, or either on the back, or on the top of the car , those who are used to carrying heavy things on the trailer on the roof of the car. The most versatile beach tent covers on the market have a pop-up opening . While the less versatile beach tent covers have a manual opening. For those people who like to have all the beach things well distributed or the restless or restless who change places several times , during the course of a beach day, prioritize that this accessory is included in the pack

Why buy beach tents in our online shop?

Beach territory like this, a priori, a place where you will only find information on the most recommended beaches to camp your beach tent but… NO! You have the inventory of the most varied beach tents in design and price, with the minimum and maximum benefits, more varied in manufacturers and stores, for all ages, more up-to-date and that with more constancy is renewing the online scene current . How do you stay? Like that there is so much in the sand, made of stone. Our intention, that we say intention, the objective number 1 that we pursue is not to leave here empty-handed, that you acquire that beach tent that best suits your preferences , either by the store where it is sold, by the manufacturer or by its price. Also to favor the stock, why?

One of the problems that comes with having to depend on a single store to buy your pop-up beach tent is that this means that you expose yourself to the advantages and availability of that store, a store that may not have the best advantages in terms of to ways to buy it and availability, having a short catalog . Each store can give us different models. So what better than to combine them all in a single online site? It could not be another, mix everything in the place par excellence of the beach tents, in . Whatever beach tent you want, with that particular style, with that type of support or with specific measures, you can find it here. And if for whatever reason it is not there, we will review the hundreds of stores that sell their beach shadow stores and we will put it for sale

This also allows us to obtain the prices of the most varied beach shelters in the entire network , prices that have been extracted from different online stores that offer their value in particular following a series of conditions. That doesn’t have to matter to you. What you have to care about is that you will have one click and instantly , from cheap and accessible beach tent prototypes , so that any user can have their favorite refuge for the beach at home, in the trunk or wherever that you are going to save it, to prototypes of expensive and more inaccessible beach tents , available for those who want the most top of the market in size, performance and finishes, and have high budgets. We care about the user, not what we can earn, we want you to get a beach tent with the best value for money or the most exclusive of all, that only a few and few can enjoy or have enjoyed

We work with brands like T arget, Argos, Ikea, Decathlon, Lidl, etc and manufacturers like Pacific Breeze, Shibumi, Coleman, Libean, Anaconda, Tesco, etc Quechua . This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more brands and manufacturers to collaborate with. We do not stop investigating the market in search of the best option to obtain your beach tent and adapted to that best price that you expressly order from us by private or a high-end model that is reduced in cost . With this we also facilitate the stock, and a lot. This is because the more stores you have available, the more chances of finding that particular model and not having to wait a few days to get it in your hands

Working closely with different brands will allow you to achieve these types of advantages: permanent stock and unlimited availability, shipping methods of all tastes , with standard or more express delivery delays, subject to a possible extra shipping cost, parcel agencies the most important nationally in each country and worldwide, the safest means of payment at an international level, the most flexible forms of payment in the market, the most up-to-date consumer policy in the market, access to promotions and exclusive discounts in certain beach tents, and personalized and professional customer service with service 24/7, 365 days a year . You will not be able to complain! We are going to explain each of the advantages in parts

Shipping methods can vary in many directions , depending on which store you choose to buy your beach umbrella store. For example, if you make your purchase on Amazon, you will be able to obtain, in some models, the advantages of being a customer on Amazon Prime . This results in a cost of free shipping and delivery of the product in less than 24 hours . On the other hand, if you are not an Amazon Prime customer, you have standard shipping methods , subject to a small shipping cost that does not usually rise beyond $ 3.99 . This if you are from the US.If you are a US citizen installed in lands near the American country such as Mexico or you are on an express trip to the beaches of Spain , you should know that buying a canopy beach tent will have a shipping cost between 10 and 20 dollars , depending on the model

Express shipments on Amazon , with reception of your beach tent in 24/48 hours, have a higher shipping cost, located above 5 dollars , and figures that may vary depending on the time of year you visit us. The same happens if you go to different stores, where you will not only have the option to buy it immediately, but also … Well, we will talk about this below. An example is if you buy your beach shade store at, where in most models the shipping cost is free and you are only charged a small extra cost for making a particular payment method. Shipping delays, whatever the beach tent you buy, as a general rule and doing the average, can take between 1-2 working days to a maximum of a week. This if you live in the US

Another example of this is if you live or are residing in an area of ​​Central America . You can get the beach tent in the different departments of Mercado Libre that currently exist. For example, if you are in Costa Rica, you will be interested in having the one in Mexico because of the stock it has and because the receipt of your order will not take long . Another example of this is if you visit us from Australia. If so, thanks to our magic you will be able to go from here to the Amazon that interests you, that is, to All so that you can buy your beach umbrella store at the lowest possible price, without very high shipping costs, and have it on your doorstep as quickly as possible. We provide service worldwide, you can imagine this example that we have just given you as it translates in its entirety …

The means of payment that you are going to use during the purchase phase are the safest in the market and that generate the greatest confidence among customers: debit or credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and other exclusive cards from stores that you allows you to obtain discounts or exclusive purchase modalities. We will talk about this below as well. What concerns you now is that just by entering the pertinent data, the card number, the expiration date, the CCV and your name and surname, you will be able to acquire that canopy or pop-style beach tent in no time. -up what are you looking for. With these bank cards you will be able to have one of the most popular payment methods used by everyone: instant purchase

The parcel companies that will intervene during the final purchase phase, once that beach tent is packed and ready to be delivered, are the best at the national level in each country, whether you visit us from the US, Australia, a country from Europe, the United Kingdom, some country in Africa, South America, wherever, you will have the best possible transport service . For example, in the US you will have parcel agencies such as King Express, Rápido Cargo, and of course, two of the best known: DHL and UPS, for premium level deliveries , those that will take less than a business day.These last two companies also intervene worldwide, so if you are from Australia, going back to the example above, you make your purchase at , because you have verified that in the Amazon department of your country you do not have that tent available. beach you need, but yes in the Amazon department in the USA, you will also receive the services of two of the most reputable and trusted courier companies globally

Payment methods … Here you are not going to be short. First of all, in many of the models you have discount coupons that can lower the value of your beach tent by about $ 5 . It is not much, but it is always appetizing to get what we want at a lower price, as if you were on “Black Friday” or “11 of the 11” that Aliexpress celebrates every November 11 every year. The payment method that you have the most available is the instant one, which is the one you have in all stores, where you pay all the money in full. Another modality is to get it through financing or monthly payment . What is this? Surely on more than one occasion you have heard the word “loan”

Or are we wrong? This consists of lending you an amount “x” of money. Money that can be paid in an “x” amount of months. For example, in Amazon you have the possibility of paying this loan in 4, 6, 8, 12, and up to 24 months . Imagine that you buy the highest-end beach tent at a super high price. You will be very interested in this purchase option, especially if you are thinking about traveling and want to be as flexible as possible in terms of expenses. Then,If you choose, for example, 12 months, each month you will pay a certain amount of money. This also depends on the months you choose. For example, if you choose 6 months, you will pay a higher amount of money each month than if you choose 12 months, but if in the 6-month period you pay less interest, in the 12-month period if you pay more interest, but a lower amount of money each month

In the end, it depends a lot on the budget you have available and depending on what you are going to do during the year. If you are not going to be at the beach every week, you may be interested in paying it in less time because you will not have significant financial expenses, not including the expenses that we all have at home and to feed our loved ones , Sure. Each user is a world. The important thing is that you already know that you have the most interesting payment method if you are one of those people with a tight budget and you cannot wait another day to have that exclusive model at home . Regarding consumer policy, you have a minimum return guarantee of 30 days, 90 days or several months, depending on the store where you buy it.. An example of this is . where you have a 1 year warranty . In case your purchase does not exceed expectations or it was not what you were looking for, you can return it getting all your money in full

More types of purchase are the “collected in store” . This acquisition method consists of entering your postal address of the local store in the country where you live. Automatically, you will find the physical store that will most interest you to go, the one closest to your home. We give you a much easier and faster method to execute. We will explain this to you in some of our sections. We invite you to visit them and discover what you have to do . For example, in this form of acquisition has an extra cost of just over 2 dollars . In just a few hours and on the same day, you can proceed to pick up that beach tent at the physical store that you have chosen and closest to your home. EYE, important to what we are going to tell you:

Check if your beach tent leaves from US or European warehouses. We tell you this because otherwise, the customs duty may be applied to you, which is nothing more than a customs tax that is applied to you when that product is labeled “foreign” . This means that if, indeed, you suffer it, you have to pay an extra money , in addition to the one already spent for the final amount of the beach tent, together with the VAT that is applied to you, and for the possible extra shipping cost that is it can apply to you. Your beach tent, when you arrive at the most important airport in the country where you live , such as the John F. Kennedy International Airport in the USA,is retained, passing an exhaustive review to verify what it is, and your having to pay if or if that money. Otherwise, the carrier could not come to pick it up. IMPORTANT: this affects you if you are going to buy several beach tents or a canopy beach shelter, values ​​close to 100 dollars or that exceed them. Contact us if you have questions about it

What are the current beach tents prices?

Just as to make a trip to the most colorful beaches in the world you need an itinerary at the height, you also need an itinerary at the height to estimate the current approximate costs presented by the different beach tents on the market. As we want you to know everything in advance, before proceeding to go to a certain store, we are going to give you the approximate ranges of prices that you can find in that beach shade store. You are going to take into account aspects such as the size it has, if its opening is instantaneous or not instantaneous and if you have more or less added extras to its structure. Let’s go there

For those models of beach tents with small, medium and large aspects, in the form of a camping tent on the beach, in a semi beach tent or small beach shelter for children, that do not go beyond 200cm wide and and 150cm (approximate size figures, always keep that in mind), with a pop-up opening and with few additions in its structure, you will come across cheap beach tents, with cost ranges that will be around $30-$80. Figures closer to thirty or eighty dollars, will depend on whether it has included more or fewer sandbags, more or fewer windows, or a more or less loose size

For those beach tent models with minimally large aspects, in the form of a beach tent canopy, that are at least 300cm wide and 200cm deep, with a folding not pop-up and on the spot, but manually , you will come across more expensive beach tents, with cost ranges that will be around $80-$200. As always, amounts closer to eighty to double hundred dollars, will depend on the total dimensions of the same and if you have added sandbags in the pack. In these models we do not take into account windows, since their canopy can be folded or unfolded, making the purpose of the window a family pop-up beach shelter. PS: If you use Australian dollars or are traveling in a country that does not use the dollar as its currency , go to to go from dollars to any currency in a matter of seconds

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